Blender Foundation Annual Report 2020

We’re happy to present the 32-page report of the activities Blender could do thanks to donations and Development Fund membership support.
This year’s edition has an extensive section on the long-term mission and vision of the Blender organization.
Amsterdam, May 2021
Ton Roosendaal

The Blender Vision

This report comes at the tail end of a defining year for Blender and the world as a whole, a year full of introspection and soul-searching for core meaning and values. Blender Foundation Chairman Ton Roosendaal reflects on that extensively in the first part of the report, and outlines, among other things, the four core values of Blender:

  • We care (Passion)
  • We share (Community)
  • We work together (Openness)
  • We have a story (Vision)

And the overall Blender Vision:

Everyone should be free to create 3D CG content, with free technical and creative production means and free access to markets.

I highly recommend reading Ton’s exploration of Blender’s mission in the first part of the report, it’s a beautiful reminder of the Blender ethos and the driving force behind its unique community.

What It Takes to Make Blender

The report then goes on to detail the Blender Foundation’s organization and development team behind the software, as well as the module-based approach to development.

Crunching Numbers

In 2020, the Blender Development Fund saw a significant increase of 34% over 2019, amounting to a total of €1,131,780. The report also breaks down the Blender Foundation’s finances and spending.

The Blender website also saw a 35%  increase, totaling 23 Million unique visitors. During this same year, Blender has been downloaded over 14 Million times from, again marking a significant increase.