Chaos has launched Chaos Cosmos, a new 3D content system that reduces the process of staging interiors and environments to a few clicks. The library launches with over 650+ free models and HDRIs that will address the most common use cases found in architecture and design, including furniture, trees, cars, and people.

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Cosmos assets can be found online or via a new button within V-Ray 5 for Revit3ds MaxSketchUp, and Rhino. They are also optimized for Chaos’ real-time tools including Chaos Vantage* and V-Ray Vision, so users can quickly assess scenes with a high-quality entourage. Because of these optimizations, the assets naturally adapt to any tool they are in, increasing viewport speed without the need for setup.

“As a freelancer for architects and designers, I have a wide range of visualization topics and I need many different assets,” says Micha Fritzsche of “Cosmos has closed a gap in my tools and helped me fill scenes quickly. I’m very happy with the quality of the models and the integration in Rhino.”

“I was interested in the quality of the models and I was pleased to see Chaos working with reputable creators,” comments Vizioen’s Ashley Van Iseghem. “The benefits are that you can quickly search multiple sources and types, that the models are curated, and that the V-Ray integration provides a seamless workflow.”

“When I first started, I didn’t have a budget or money to spend on high-quality assets, and I would search online for free stuff, which was always poor quality,” says Bobby Parker of WhiteBirch Studios. “The amount and quality of assets in Cosmos alone almost pays for a V-Ray subscription.”

“The most useful part of Cosmos is during early scene development when I throw everything into the scene and build it from nothing,” says Justin Dowling at JD3D. “I can keep putting final quality assets in without slowing down or hunting through old scenes and libraries. I can bring a new scene into being very quickly, and it helps me think about composition — because I’m not just using cubes and teapots to visualize a space.”

The initial batch of essential assets will always be free and was created with the help of industry-leading content creators like:

*Chaos Cosmos will be integrated into Chaos Vantage by mid-March.


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