We strongly believe that 3D graphics has a valuable role in all phases of 3D Architectural and property development projects. Good design helps architects pitch their concepts better, helps developers market their projects smarter, and helps real estate teams sell their properties faster.

What is a  Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a communication tool that plays an important role in 3D Architectural design. At its most fundamental level, graphic design visually communicates information with typography, color, and form. It also, and perhaps more importantly, influences our interaction with and the identity of place and space. From way-finding signage, supergraphics, branding, material, and texture, to motion graphics, graphic design helps integrate words and content with 3D Architecture.

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What is 3D Architecture Design?

3D Architectural design is defined as a concept that focuses on the components or the elements of any given structure. An architect is someone who is generally the one in charge of the said 3D Architectural design. The architects work with space and elements of the design to create a coherent as well as a functional structure. 3D Architectural design mainly focuses on the aesthetic and the function of the structure. The work of the design is to create a space that flows seamlessly with its surroundings

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Importance of Graphics Design in 3D Architecture:

Graphic design has an integral role in all phases of architectural & property development projects. Applying graphical knowledge helps architects & developers pitch their concepts better, market their projects smarter, & ultimately, sell properties faster. Graphic design is a communication tool that plays an essential role across all sectors.

Graphic design is a crucial tool that embellishes how you communicate with the world. It serves to transport your ideas in a way that is not effective but is also beautiful.

Why do we study Graphics in 3D Architecture?

3D Architecture is fueled by communication, which is why the best 3D Architects can walk-the-walk, and talk the talk. Not only can these individuals craft a sophisticated building, but they are also able to clearly communicate their design intent to their audience – Clients, End Users, Design Team Members, Consultants, Developers, Members of the Public, Media Agencies, Shareholders & Investors, Contractors, etc.

Graphics are one way to communicate design intent to these parties, as a sort of language, like mathematics, HTML, or French. Architecture has a body of commonly practiced graphic standards that have developed over time. One example of this is dimensioning to the exterior face of the stud, not to the finished face of the finishes. Another standard is how a basic drawing set is set up – what sheets go where and how the building is coordinated throughout the set

Which career is better: Graphic Design or 3D Architecture?

Graphic design is not similar to architecture. 3D Architecture is creative within very fixed parameters and specifications. 3D Architecture requires a structured mind and a lot of left-brain thinking and organizational skills. Highly creative people can be lacking in administrative skills and may lose interest when the creative aspect is complete and project management takes precedence. Graphic design requires a large amount of creativity and the ability to solve problems that are not based on definitive rules or specifications when compared to architecture) Graphic designers are visual communicators where the concept is key. Natural talent will carve your niche in the market if you are good enough.

Services provided in 3D Architect Graphic Design:

  • Architectural Signage
  • Wayfinding Design
  • Visual Identities
  • Branded Environments
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Existing Signage Program Analysis
  • Signage Budgeting + Analysis


The digital platform has become the forefront of how 3D architects go about creating and presenting. Learning the software for architecture, CAD is a staple in the curriculum for 3D Architecture schools. However, although 3D architecture software is fantastic for creating outputs such as drawings and 3D models, they lack the necessary tools for these drawings and models to be easily understood and explained to an audience.