How do 3D Architects utilize concrete structurally?

A Home is symbolic of lifestyle, the personality of its residents, as well the era in which it was built. For the very same reasons, people have started to take interest in consciously making choices about their modern homes, and their needs are efficiently met through the use of concrete as a building material. 3D Concrete being a homogenous mixture of heterogeneous materials is capable of taking any form and shape with a remarkable performance under both compressive as well as tensile forces.

What is 3D Concrete?

3D Concrete is known for being durable, which is why many people choose this material for outdoor 3D furniture, but we can also use it to create indoor furniture. 3D Concrete seating makes for unique gift ideas as well. When people think of concrete benches, they probably make up an image of a rectangular cement slab sitting on two concrete blocks.

That’s not necessarily the case. The concrete design actually comes in an incredible pattern of styles and designs. They are also manufactured in a variety of designs – some of them used for recycling plastic slats or others that might use treated lumber like a traditional pattern.

In essence, the 3D concrete design doesn’t have to be boring.

But remember, they are resilient. And nearly impossible to remove. 3D Concrete designs are ideal for landscapes where the weather is harsh or vandals tend to hang out and either steal or damage our pattern.

There are numerous positive aspects of 3D concrete:

  • It is a relatively cheap material and has a relatively long life with few maintenance requirements.
  • It is strong in compression.
  • Before it hardens it is a very flexible substance that can easily be shaped.
  • It is non-combustible.

3D Concrete is cheaper than most resilient materials, stands up to wear and tear, but can also be formed into beautiful shapes and geometries. Before we run to look at other materials for our 3D Interiors, consider concrete. This non-traditional finish can be just as beautiful as marble, granite, and slate. With all the possibilities from our walls and flooring to sinks and bathtubs, concrete is no longer just for our outdoor home or hidden behind sheetrock on our walls.

Benefits of Architectural Concrete:

  • It is durable and low maintenance.
  • Cost-effective in comparison with other systems.
  • Resists mechanical damage.
  • Eliminates the need for the application of coatings or paints.
  • Versatile in 3D design.
  • Numerous colors are available.

3D Concrete has a long history as a construction material, however, in recent years it has been recognized as being a sustainable and versatile material that can be used in the home or commercial space to bring a contemporary industrial edge and unique impression.

3D Designers are embracing concrete as an adaptable material that can be molded and cast into almost any shape and have created sleek and contemporary 3D furniture pieces. It is exciting to consider where the concrete design will be in the next few years. It has been forecast that we will likely see even more concrete in the home. Other predictions suggest that there will be increased variations in concrete molds and concrete mixes that will enable designers to create concrete pieces that are even more unique and interesting.

With today’s technology, there is a myriad of finishes to choose from that provide a sparkle to any design.

For example, add a touch of recycled glass embedded in the concrete. Some of the exciting color options include amber, charcoal, champagne, emerald, and blue ground glass.

The concrete can also be mixed with colors, mostly natural tones such as cream, gray, buff, sand brown, or brick red. There are options to add an exposed aggregate finish that has a chunky glass appearance or a Weatherstone type finish that has fewer specs than glass 3D Concrete may be old-fashioned but it is still the most prevalent building material on the planet. That’s because it is inexpensive yet incredibly strong. In addition, for almost all concrete patterns a forklift is required for installation.