In the evolving world of architecture and design, 3D architectural renderings play a pivotal role. They bridge the gap between conceptualization and realization, providing a tangible preview of architectural projects. This guide aims to demystify the costs associated with 3D architectural visualization, a key concern for architects, designers, and clients alike.

1. The Complexity of the Project:

The intricacy of your architectural design influences the cost of 3D renderings. Larger commercial projects or complex residential designs must more resources, resulting in higher expenses. Understanding this correlation is essential for budgeting in the architectural rendering process.

2. Level of Detail Required:

The specificity of details in your 3D rendering—from textures and furniture to lighting fixtures—can affect the cost. Renderings that depict intricate details demand more time and expertise, leading to higher prices. This is particularly relevant for high-end architectural visualization.

3. Types of Architectural Renderings:

Different rendering styles come with varying price tags. Exterior 3D views are more expensive than interior ones, and aerial perspectives carry a premium. Additionally, 3D floor plans are priced per floor, affecting the cost of multi-level structures.

4. The Rendering Company’s Expertise and Location:

The cost is also influenced by the rendering company’s experience and geographical location. Seasoned professionals known for high-quality 3D architectural renderings might charge more, especially if they are based in high-cost areas.

Approximate Costs for 3D Architectural Renderings:

  • High-quality visualizations: Starting at USD 199 per image.
  • 3D Exterior views: Around USD 500 on average.
  • 3D Interior views: USD 250.
  • 3D Floor plans Approximately $300 per floor.
  • Aerial views: The average cost is around USD 800.

Popular Pricing Schemes in 3D Architectural Rendering:

  • Per Image Pricing: Common for varied project sizes, this depends on image quantity, complexity, and detail.
  • Per Project Pricing: Ideal for large-scale projects requiring many images and animations.
  • Hourly Pricing: Suitable for smaller, less-defined projects.
  • Subscription Pricing: Best for ongoing rendering needs with a fixed budget.

The Real Cost of 3D Architectural Rendering Services:

Prices can range, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, based on complexity, detail level, and expertise. 3D rendering services need much time and resources, especially for high-quality outputs.


3D architectural renderings are a dynamic tool in modern architecture, offering a preview of future spaces. While costs vary, understanding these factors helps in making informed decisions. At CG Viz Studio, we blend quality with competitive pricing, tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us for a personalized quote and elevate your architectural project with our expert rendering services.