3D Architects are essential assets of any construction business. They are responsible for the building`s visual appearance and structures before working on final structural designs. They have creative ideas, vision, and smart techniques to satisfy the client. Technology continues to shape everything in this world. It is an exciting time for those with an affinity for 3D designing. With the current advances in computer technology, there are applications that various professionals use to support their creative work. However, 3D animation is not new in modern times because this technique has been used for many years. However, the only difference is the processing time. Previously, this process was expensive and time-consuming. However, the same can reduce stress with the help of modern computers, tablets, and even smart devices such as smartphones that enable 3D architecture services. Architects can use 3D architectural animations to create designs and realize their ideas. 3D architects can write concepts on paper,  make changes, evaluate what works, what doesn’t, and so on.

Why 3D Animation is necessary:

You might be wondering if the work you invest in making 3D animations for your architect’s design is genuinely worth it before you decide to do so.

1. Complete 3D Visualization of the Project: 

2D plans don’t appeal to everyone, so you can add 3D animations to your designs to make them feel more realistic to your clients. In this situation, you can use the best 3D architectural visualization tools such as  Walkthroughs, virtual tours, aerial rendering, and 3D floor plans to make different aspects of your project as realistic as possible. By implementing these techniques, you can depict the Interior and Exterior details of any building, including office buildings, hotels, townships, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., to get the attention of the target audience. In short, it helps convey both the essence of  3D design and the benefits it can offer. Architects can use 3D architectural animations to create designs and realize their ideas. 3D architects can write concepts on paper,  make changes, evaluate what works, what doesn’t, and so on.

Norwegian Bedroom Visualization

2. Visualizes Ideas Before They’re Concrete:

3D rendering helps you visualize your ideas before they materialize. I have hundreds of great design ideas in my head, but I’ve probably had one or two times when the ideas in my head didn’t work when I incorporated them into my design. This is normal and happens frequently. If you can visualize the idea before you implement it, you can make the necessary changes. You also don’t have to rely on props or filmed videos to bring your ideas to fruition. You and your clients can see your idea as a reality before it becomes a reality.

3. Easy use and shareable:

3D animation is in the same format as film format, AVI, or MPEG, so it’s easy to use and distribute. You can use them in your presentations to better communicate your project flow. Easily place architectural animations on your company’s website or share them on social media so your customers can view them from anywhere.

4. Allows for Cost-Effective Changes

Whether you edit it yourself or by your customers, if you need to make changes, 3D animations make it cost-effective. When it’s time to make some changes to the design, the designer can create the final result with the click of a few buttons. This is possible using 3D rendering software.

5. Showcasing the Scale and Scope of the Project:

Accurate measurements of room depth, height, and design can be displayed using 3D animation. The client has a clear idea of ​​the scope and size of the project. Therefore, if you need to change the design of a room or property, it is easier for the designer to make adjustments using the 3D model.

6. Promoting the Marketing Initiatives:

3D architecture walkthroughs are the most common form of animation used in 3D architecture design. Unlike the single frame renderer, it can contain many building property features. This allows prospects to see the exact vision behind the design and decide whether to invest in the project.

3D architectural walkthrough revealing design details

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