Bay Modular 3D Architecture Visualization

Bay Modular 3D Architecture Visualization is rendered by CG VIZ STUDIO. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a second complete dwelling unit that is built within or on the same lot as an existing single-family residence. Bay Modular recycles shipping containers and provides extremely durable, waterproof, fire-resistant affordable homes to many. A photorealistic representation of your future project before it is even built. We can create the exact lighting needed to fully represent your future project and its key features. We focus on precise and photorealistic lighting. With realistic 3D modeling and visualization, the architects can demonstrate their ideas in a way that allows prospects to connect emotionally with the presented design. Which can make clients and investors more likely to sign a deal with the architecture specialist. We created Bay Modular to provide a comprehensive solution for homeowners. To add beautiful workspace and living space at an affordable price without the headache. Our container-based construction is unconventional, yet highly energy and resource-efficient. Bay Modular can handle almost all aspects of your ADU project including manufacturing, permit assistance, delivery, site work, and installation. The only services they do not offer are interior design and landscaping.

Bay Modular 3D Architecture Visualization
Photorealistic 3D rendering of a modern architectural design by CG Viz Studio
George Interior Visualization Kitchen Area
3d interior rendering for bay modular
George Interior Visualization Living Area
George Interior Visualization Bathroom Area
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