Closet 3D Product Visualization

Closet 3D Product Visualization was tasked to create a unique style for the client’s closet. We personalized the closet custom systems while preserving clients’ personal overview ideas to match elements and create a unique statement. The model has a very good-quality of surface details, textures, and V-Ray materials. Model available in the following formats: 3ds Max 2012 FBX The model is built to real-world scale (cm), making it easy to just drop in your scene and render. The collaboration project with our company included a one-of-a-kind walk-in closet design and photorealistic 3D visualization of it to impress the client. The final result brought the product presentation to another level of quality and detail.

closet 3d product visualization regular hanger
closet 3d product visualization coat hanger
closet 3d product visualization skirt hanger
closet 3d product visualization S hook
closet 3d product visualization shirt hanger
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