The description of Solomon Roger: No one knows the virtual world like Solomon Rogers. From an academic background, Sol decided to found his own company, REWIND, to specialize in creating immersive and meaningful VR experiences for an impressive array of companies, including HBO, Lyft, Sony, and Microsoft.

In this podcast, Sol tells Chris how VR has evolved over the past decade, explains why we’re yet to see good VR architecture, and goes behind the scenes of REWIND’s terrifying in-car VR experience with chloride technology for Universal Pictures. He also talks about how the entertainment industry is catering to digital natives, who prefer esports and zero-gravity concerts in Fortnite to watching movies. It’s a fascinating and authoritative glimpse into the incredible potential of future technology.


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4:55 Sol’s background

12:56 How VR has changed

17:16 New platforms for engagement

22:48 Architecture in VR

28:38 Sports, esports and media

36:51 Valuing live events

43:02 Working with Madison Beer

48:38 A unified asset pipeline

58:55 Rewind’s latest projects

About Chris:

Chris is a CG industry veteran and Director of Chaos Labs. He can hear regularly as the host of the CG Garage podcast which attracts 20,000 weekly listeners. With a background in VFX and Design, Chris has worked for Gensler, Digital Domain, Image works, and Method Studios. His credits include Maleficent, Oblivion, and Tron: Legacy.


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