As we step into 2024, the world of top 10 “3D Interior Design” which trends to anticipate in 2024 is brimming with innovative trends that reflect significant shifts in our lifestyle and technological advancements. These emerging trends in 3D interior design are not just fleeting fashions; they are profound responses to global changes, mirroring our collective consciousness and decision-making processes. Join us as we explore these transformative styles and movements in 3D Interior design set to make a substantial impact this year.

Join us in exploring the transformative 3D Design movements set to make a significant impact this year.

1: Elevated Outdoor 3D Furniture:

With more time spent entertaining outdoors, our patios and gardens are becoming seamless extensions of our indoor living spaces. Expect sophisticated designs that blur the lines between inside and out, offering comfort and style in equal measure.

elevated outdoor 3d furniture

2: Leather 3D Furniture and Upholstery:

Leather’s timeless appeal continues, with rich tones adding warmth to cooler color schemes. Its ability to age gracefully, gaining character over time, makes it a perennial favorite in 3D designs.

leather furniture and upholstery

3: Glazed 3D Exterior Tiles:

Glazed external tiles are becoming a popular choice for modern home extensions. Their durability and ease of maintenance, coupled with a lifespan of over 150 years, make them an attractive and practical choice.

glazed exterior tiles

4: Technicolor Checked Patterns:

The classic check pattern gets a vibrant makeover. Expect to see this enduring print in a spectrum of bright colors, adding a playful and contemporary twist to traditional designs.

technicolor checked patterns interior

5: Bring the 3D outdoors indoors to connect with nature:

Architects and designers are finding innovative ways to incorporate nature into our homes. From maximizing natural light and air to using materials like wood and stone, this trend emphasizes a connection with the natural world.

bring the 3d outdoors indoors to connect with nature

6: 3D Open Kitchens:

The pandemic has reshaped our living spaces. Open kitchens, blending seamlessly with other living areas, are on the rise, accommodating our need for versatile and multifunctional spaces.

3d open kitchens

7: Biophilic 3D Interior Design:

The biophilic design focuses on reconnecting us with nature. Expect to see interiors filled with plants, utilizing natural light and materials, and designs that mimic natural forms and patterns.

biophilic 3d interior design

8: Faux 3D Architecture Design:

Faux 3D designs mimicking textures like marble and wood offer an economical alternative to natural materials. These designs bring depth and texture to spaces without the higher cost of authentic materials.

faux 3d interior design

9: Sustainable 3D Architectural choices:

Sustainability is more crucial than ever. Consumers are seeking eco-friendly and sustainable options, reflected in the growing preference for designs that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

sustainable 3d architectural

10: Monochrome 3D Interior Palette:

The elegance of black and white is making a strong comeback. Look for monochromatic designs in lighting, window frames, furniture details, and more, offering a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.

monochrome 3d interior palette


As we explore these top 10 3D Interior design trends to anticipate in 2024, we see a world that is rapidly adapting to new norms. At CG VIZ STUDIO, we’re excited to bring these trends to life, offering immersive, realistic, and professional designs. Stay ahead of the curve and let these trends inspire your next interior design project. We invite your thoughts and ideas on these trends and look forward to exploring this dynamic world of design together.