The 3D Interior design sector isn’t too far away from fully adopting augmented reality, as industries such as 3D automotive, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and gaming are using 3D augmented reality to take advantage of its capabilities. 3D augmented reality is already beginning to confuse the interior design department, helping every step of the design to transform static 2D models into interactive 3D modelsLeading tech companies like Facebook and Google are also on the move to enhance their services with these technologies. 

There was a time when it was a dream to visualize the 3D furniture in an apartment. 3D augmented reality allows people to visually perceive objects in place without actually being there. In the Interior design industry, 3D augmented reality has become an elephant in the room. Large companies use AR to let their customers see what the final design will look like before implementing it. For example, with 3D augmented reality, you can place a 3D model of furniture in a live environment and experience what your bedroom looks like. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is a completely invented virtual environment that also practices commodities and all other 3D models.

5 Benefits of 3D Augmented Reality in Interior Design:

1. Enhanced sales: 

Many people prefer to buy a 3D product from a physical store simply because they can see what the product they are interested in actually looks like. Being able to render a 3D product using a tool like augmented reality provides a similar experience. In addition, this technology stimulates shoppers who are already accustomed to online shopping. It is reported that more than 70% of customers say they will buy furniture if they can see what their home looks like. By letting your potential customers see what they’re getting and what the results are, you’re essentially increasing your sales.

2. Effective remodeling:

You know that things can get complicated if the client wants to remodel one of his rooms, for example, the bathroom, and can’t effectively explain the requirements. It’s difficult to work on a 3D project and design something that suits your needs. With AR, you can communicate your 3D design back and forth to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. For example, you can design a shower set in 3D and use AR to show it to your customers. If they agree, you can install it in their bathroom.

3. Increased customer loyalty:

As clients are more and more assured of their purchases, they don’t have any doubts approximately the product chosen, as they can observe its capabilities and notice it “live.” Consumers make buy choices faster, and such choices emerge as greater planned and balanced.

4. Marketing and Sale of 3D Interior Design:

Of course, improved plans and 3D images are important in marketing, and therefore in selling 3D Interior design. This 3D augmented reality tool is especially useful for marketing pre-finished inserts because you can imagine what your finished 3D design will look like. 

At some point in this life cycle, structural and functional studies turn into additional aesthetically determined aspects, such as the 3D exterior and features of the Interior of the building. Again, 3D augmented reality is often used by 3D designers, architects, marketers as well as demanders.

5. Decreased merchandise return rate:

The return process is related to the company’s additional costs. Clients waste time preparing the necessary paperwork. Reducing the possibility of such a situation is in the best interests of both the buyer and seller parties. By using 3D augmented reality as an efficient tool to optimize business processes, brands and companies reduce the risk of product returns and avoid additional costs

3D augmented reality has been topping the shelf of priorities in many modern firms, including tech giants. AR provides companies in the 3D Interior design industry with a competitive advantage. Moreover, it lets them be more productive with their time and build better, meaningful relationships with clients.

Using augmented reality for 3D Interior design brings a vast improvement in this sector and makes it livelier and more convenient. If you are looking to create AR experiences for your 3D Interior design company without any technical complexities, we can help. Please send us a mail at [email protected] or visit