What is Pulze?

Pulze as a company is responsible for creating a set of user-friendly, customizable, and powerful pipeline tools that help 3D Artists in 3D Visualization workflows.

Pulze currently offers 3 types of such tools on its website:
1. Pulze Scene Manager
2. Pulze Render Manager
3. Pulze Post Manager

What is Pulze Scene Manager?

Pulze Scene Manager for 3ds Max is a unified interface inside 3ds Max that lets us control the most important parts of our 3ds Max scenes. Using this you can make unique setups for each individual camera angle present in our 3d scene. We can define unique parameters for each camera angle differently and it will create a preset which can be changed with a click of a button without having to set up different 3ds max files for each camera with different lighting and settings.

How Much Do Pulze Tools Cost?

Pulze currently offers two types of subscription plans for Scene Manager and Post Manager on their website:
1. Indie
2. Pro

You can learn more about the pricing of their products on their specific pages:
1. Pulze Scene Manager: Link
2. Pulze Render Manager: Link
3. Pulze Post Manager: Link


How to Download Pulze Scene Manager?

We can download Pulze Scene Manager from the Pulze.IO official website. They currently allow 30 days free trial for their products.

Follow the following steps to download Pulze Scene Manager:
1. Goto this link
2. Click on “Get 30 days free Trial”
3. A new create your account Pop up will appear.
4. Fill in your details to create your account.
5. Once you create your account, a verification email will be sent to your email address.
6. Click on “Confirm my account” in the verification email received.
7. Once it’s confirmed, you will be able to sign in.
8. Once you are signed in, click on your account button here to find a list of all downloadable products.

How to install Pulze Scene Manager in 3ds max?

  1. Download the Pulze Scene Manager plugin from their website: https://pulze.io/products/scene-manager
  2. Run the exe. File  > Next  > I  Agree > Choose the 3ds max version for installation > Install > Finish the installation.
  3. Open 3ds max > go to Main Toolbar > Customize > Customize user interface > Toolbar > pulze . (make a button for the pulze).
  4. Finish the installation.

How to use Pulse Scene Manager in 3ds max?

It comes with well-detailed documentation which can be found on their website. It is really easy to follow and get started on organizing your complex 3D scene using Pulze Scene Manager.

Link to Pulze Scene Manager Documentation: Pulze | Docs

It also has created very easy to follow youtube tutorials for beginners which you can find here: https://youtu.be/y2od-VIJmCc


Is it really helpful for 3D Artists?

We at CG VIZ Studio have been using pulze products for a long time now and pulze products have proven to be quite useful and time-saving for our complicated 3D projects. CG VIZ Studio provides 3D rendering services for 3D Architecture visualization, 3D Product Visualization, and all different kinds of 3D rendering projects. These tools have really helped our 3D team on organizing our projects on the next level and improve the productivity within our team due to the ease of use of Pulze products. We totally recommend Pulze products for every 3D Artist out there to integrate it in their 3D rendering projects workflow as well.