Ophelis Sum Sofa (3D Model)


Model Detail

Platform: 3ds Max 2020
Render: Corona 6 HF 1
Size: 54.9 MB
Date: 03.07.2021


Name: Ophelis Sum Sofa (3D Model)

Format: 3DS Max 2020

Render: Corona Render HF 1

Product Dimension

Description: Introducing the ‘Ophelis Sum Sofa (3D Model)’. This modular seating system is a creation of CG Viz Studio for Ophelis. The Sum Sofa is designed to configure islands within a room, offering a light and flexible seating solution. The product is based on three core elements: Base, partition, and cushion, which can be combined in an additive and modular fashion. With its versatile design, the Ophelis Sum Sofa can be arranged in various layouts, creating open or enclosed communication areas for teams and project groups.

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