Transforming Visions with Expertise in 3D Visualization and Rendering Services

Welcome to CG VIZ Studio, a renowned 3D rendering company specializing in world-class 3D visualization services for architecture, product design, and animation. Our team of dedicated 3D artists, visualizers, and graphic designers works passionately to create outstanding and photorealistic visual solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our Expertise and Commitment: Delivering Exceptional 3D Services Worldwide

about cg viz studio

The name CG VIZ stands for Creativity, High quality and photo-realistic 3D visualization. CG VIZ Studio was founded in India in 2016, and has had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients both locally and world wide. We are a fully-fledged CG specialist for 3D Visualization, 3D animation and post-production that can be used in many ways and offer companies enormous cost advantages. We employ a small team of passionate 3D Artist, 3D Visualizers, 3D Generalist, Graphic designers and other specialists who love architecture, 3D product visualization, 3D animation and the creation of computer-generated (CGI) images and animations.

CG VIZ Studio works as a subcontractor with architects, design studios, design professionals & creative agencies. Our clients recommend us for our knowledge of exterior rendering and interior visualization.

  • Guaranteed high quality, time bound workflow.
  • Talented team to deliver complex projects.
  • Diverse clients from Europe and USA.
  • Better prices for high quality work.

At CG VIZ Studio, we’re constantly improving our capabilities as an artist/entrepreneur to deliver the most photo-realistic CGI shots using Industry standard softwares. We’re responsive, strong-minded, dedicated and very adaptive. At CG VIZ STUDIO, Our philosophy for work is very clear: Hard work, Commitment, attention to the details & courage to take risks in order to move forward and upward.

Do you want to discuss your project with us or looking for more information? We’re always looking for new collaborations and would love to help. Get in touch.

CG VIZ STUDIO offers the following 3D rendering, animation and CAD services:

3D Rendering Services

  1. 3D Architecture Visualization
  2. Architectural 3D Design and Animation
  3. Architecture 3D Scale Models
  4. 3D Interior Visualization
  5. Industrial 3D Modelling and Animation
  6. CAD 3D Modelling Services
  7. 3D Floorplans Rendering
  8. 3D Exterior Visualization
  9. Commercial Renderings
  10. 3D Modelling Service
  11. 3D Product Rendering
  12. 3D Animation Rendering