Why Choose CG VIZ Studio for Your 3D Exterior Visualization Needs?

At CG VIZ Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of 3D Exterior Visualization Services that cater to architects, designers, and property developers. Our services come with a variety of benefits that make us the preferred choice for stunning architectural designs:

  • High-Quality Renderings: Our team of talented artists and designers use advanced software and techniques to create photorealistic exterior renderings that capture your audience’s attention.
  • Expert Team: Our professionals have extensive experience in 3D architectural visualization, ensuring that your projects are executed with precision and expertise.
  • Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are committed to delivering exceptional results within the agreed-upon timelines.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making our 3D exterior visualization services accessible to a wide range of clients.
  • Customization: Our services are tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that each project is uniquely crafted to showcase your architectural designs.
3D Exterior CGI Rendering for Building in France

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Our Comprehensive 3D Exterior Visualization Process

Delivering Exceptional Results from Concept to Completion

1. Client Consultation & Design Brief

We initiate the process by discussing your project and understanding your vision, goals, and expectations. This helps us create a comprehensive design brief that considers your design style, preferences, and specific requirements.

2. 3D Modeling

Our team creates accurate 3D models based on your architectural plans, CAD drawings, or sketches. This forms the foundation for our photorealistic exterior renderings.

3. Material & Lighting Selection

We work with you to choose the right materials, textures, and lighting options that best showcase your architectural designs and create a realistic atmosphere.

4. Rendering & Post-production

Using advanced rendering techniques, we create stunning, photorealistic images of your building exteriors. We then perform post-production edits, such as color correction and image composition, to ensure the final visuals exceed your expectations.

5. Review & Revisions

We present the final renderings to you for review and feedback. If necessary, we'll make revisions to ensure the visuals perfectly align with your vision and requirements.

6. Final Delivery

Once you're satisfied with the final renderings, we deliver the high-resolution images in your preferred file format.

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