Introducing Chat with RTX: Your Personal Chatbot Right on Your Computer

At CG Viz Studio, we’re always excited to talk about groundbreaking technologies that can transform how we access and utilize information. Today, let’s dive into a fascinating development: Chat with RTX. Imagine having a smart friend on your computer that knows everything you’ve saved – your notes, videos, and documents. That’s what Chat with RTX is like. It’s a special tool that helps you find answers from your stuff quickly, especially if your computer is equipped with an RTX graphic card.

You can ask it anything about what you’ve saved, and it gives you the answer right away, keeping everything private because it all happens locally on your computer.

You just need to specify where your things are saved, and you can also give it YouTube links. Then, it gets ready to help you find whatever you need without you having to look through everything yourself. Super handy for getting information fast!

Want to know more? Check it out here: NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX.

What's Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)?

Now, let’s talk about something called Retrieval-Augmented Generation, or RAG for short. Imagine you have a very smart assistant that, whenever you ask a question, can instantly check a huge library of the stored data on your computer storage or the internet to find the correct answer. That’s what RAG does. It makes computer programs much smarter by letting them look up lots of information from different places to help you out. It’s like having a super-smart buddy that always knows where to find the best answers.

For Chat with RTX, RAG is super important because it helps the chatbot use lots of different information to make sure the help you’re getting is really smart and quick. At CG Viz Studio, we’re excited about these cool tools because they help us work smarter and give you better services, whether it’s making 3D models or animations.

These tools, like Chat with RTX, make it easier for us to get to the information we need quickly, making our work better and faster. It’s all about using smart technology to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

See It In Action

To really understand how cool Chat with RTX is, it’s best to see it for yourself. There’s a video that shows how it works and what it can do. You can watch it by clicking on the link below. It’s like a quick tour of what this smart friend on your computer can do for you.

Download NVIDIA Chat with RTX

Ready to give Chat with RTX a try? It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is download the program, install it on your computer, and you’re all set to start chatting with your new smart assistant. It’s like getting a super-smart buddy ready to help you with your information needs at any time.

Here’s the link to download: Download NVIDIA Chat with RTX

But before you download, make sure your computer meets these requirements to run Chat with RTX smoothly:

  • Platform: Windows
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce™ RTX 30 or 40 Series GPU or NVIDIA RTX™ Ampere or Ada Generation GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM
  • RAM: 16GB or greater
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Driver: Version 535.11 or later

These system requirements ensure that Chat with RTX runs efficiently on your computer, giving you the best experience possible. It’s all about making sure your tech is ready to support this advanced tool, so you can enjoy the benefits of having a smart, fast, and private helper right at your fingertips

How to Create a Public URL for Chat with RTX

Making Chat with RTX accessible from any device via a public URL is a convenient feature that broadens the accessibility of this tool. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating a public URL for Chat with RTX.

Step 1: Locate the Configuration File

Start by navigating to the specific file where adjustments will be made for public access:

  • File Path: C:\Users\{Your user dir}\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\ChatWithRTX\RAG\trt-llm-rag-windows-main\ui\

Step 2: Update the Launch Code

Within the file, search for the launch code section. It will initially look like this:

favicon_path=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'assets/nvidia_logo.png'),

To enable public access, modify this section to include share=True:

favicon_path=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'assets/nvidia_logo.png'),

Step 3: Save and Execute

After making the necessary changes, save the file. Proceed to run Chat with RTX from the Start Menu. This action will open a command prompt window and start the interface.

Step 4: Generate the Public URL

Once the command prompt window is open, it will display both a local and a public URL. To create a functional public URL accessible from any device, you will need to combine elements from both URLs provided. For instance, you might see:

  • Public URL:
  • Local URL with Parameters:

Combine them to form a URL like this:

This newly formed URL can now be accessed from any device, providing widespread access to Chat with RTX.

Step 5: Closing the Application

To close Chat with RTX, simply close the command prompt window. This action will terminate the application and its accessibility via the public URL.

By following these steps, you create a gateway to Chat with RTX that’s not just confined to your local network but extends globally, allowing for unparalleled access and convenience.

How to Run Chat with RTX Locally on All LAN Connected Systems

If you’re looking to make Chat with RTX accessible across all systems on your Local Area Network (LAN), follow these detailed instructions for a seamless setup.

Step 1: Locate the Configuration File

Begin by navigating to the file that requires modification for LAN access:

  • File Path: C:\Users\{Your user dir}\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\ChatWithRTX\RAG\trt-llm-rag-windows-main\ui\

Step 2: Update the Code for LAN Accessibility

In the file, find the section that launches the interface. Initially, it looks like this:

favicon_path=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'assets/nvidia_logo.png'),

Modify it to listen on all network interfaces, allowing LAN access by adding server_name="":

favicon_path=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'assets/nvidia_logo.png'),

Step 3: Save Changes and Launch

After editing, save the file. Run Chat with RTX via the Start Menu, and a command prompt window will display, initiating the interface.

Step 4: Identify the Server’s IP Address

Upon running, the command prompt will indicate:

Running on local URL:

This message signifies that your server is now operational. To connect from other PCs within the same LAN, you must determine the server’s IPV4 address:

  • On the server PC, open Command Prompt (CMD) and execute ipconfig.
  • Note the IPV4 address, for instance,

Step 5: Access from Other LAN-Connected PCs

With the server’s IPV4 address known, other computers on the LAN can access Chat with RTX using the server’s IP address and the port number:

Replace with your actual server’s IPV4 address. This method ensures that Chat with RTX is accessible to any system on your network, facilitating easy and efficient communication and information retrieval across your LAN.

How to Fix the "Invalid Session" Error in Chat with RTX

  1. Locate the File:
    • Go back to as mentioned earlier.
  2. Find and Replace the Code:
    • Find the code around line 298 and replace the relevant section with:
      split_index = cookie.find('=')
      key, value = cookie[:split_index], cookie[split_index+1:]
    • This corrects the issue where the original code fails if the cookie contains more than one ‘=’ symbol.
  3. Save and Restart:
    • Make sure to maintain the correct indentation as Python is sensitive to it. Save your changes and restart the application.

CG Viz Studio's 3D Rendering Services

As we wrap up, remember that CG Viz Studio is more than just excited about technology like Chat with RTX. We’re pioneers in 3D visualization and rendering services, bringing your architectural dreams to life with stunning accuracy and beauty. Whether you’re looking for 3D modeling, architecture visualization, product visualization, or something more, we’ve got you covered.

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Explore our range of services and discover how we can elevate your project to the next level. Visit us at our main website, check out our 3D rendering services, or browse our 3D models shop. Let’s create something amazing together.

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