Archinterior 03 – Modern Living Interior


Model Detail

Platform: 3ds Max 2020
Render: Corona 6 HF 1
Size: 143 MB
Date: 03.07.2021



Name: Archinterior 03 – Modern Living Interior

Format: 3DS Max 2020

Render: Corona Render HF 1

Description: Archinterior 03 – Modern Living Interior is designed by CG VIZ STUDIO. You will find here 3D Model compatible with corona and 3dsmax 2017 & higher. The scene comes with Lighting, textures, and materials setup & is ready for 1 click render. Designing the perfect room for family and friends to spend quality time in is one of the most important aspects of a home. A modern living room that is warm and welcoming without compromising on aesthetics is the ideal contemporary home. A space where the interiors are easy on the eyes with trending elements is what contemporary designs are all about. In essence, contemporary living rooms have interiors that are trending right now. There are no clear rules while designing a contemporary home so, get as creative as possible and experiment with these unique designs.

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