Marset Ambrosia Ceiling Lamp (3D Model)


Model Detail

Platform: 3ds Max 2020, FBX, OBJ
Render: Corona Render 8
Size: 3.14 MB
Date: 30.08.2022


Name: Marset Ambrosia Ceiling Lamp (3D Model)

Format: 3ds Max 2020, OBJ & FBX

Render: Corona Render Version 8

Product Dimension: 120cm * 12.1cm * 66cm , 210cm * 12.1cm * 66cm

Description: Introducing the ‘Marset Ambrosia Ceiling Lamp’ by CGVIZSTUDIO. This 3D model, inspired by the designs of CISZAK DALMAS, showcases a blend of traditional design with modern aesthetics. The Ambrosia Ceiling Lamp, with its modular system and gentle lines, offers a versatile and stylish lighting solution for any contemporary space.

The 3D model was created using 3ds Max 2020 and is rendered ready for Corona Render Version 8

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