XAL Vela Evo 600 Light (3D Model)


Model Detail

Platform: 3ds Max 2020
Render: Corona 6 HF 1
Size: 811 KB
Date: 03.07.2021



Name: XAL Vela Evo 600 Light (3D Model)

Format: 3DS Max 2020

Render: Corona Render HF 1

Product Dimension: Height: 9.2 cm Diameter: 60.0 cm

Description: Introducing the ‘XAL Vela Evo 600 Light (3D Model)’. This luminaire, a part of the esteemed product portfolio for over 15 years, is renowned for its blend of sleek design and cutting-edge technology. With dimensions of Height: of 9.2 cm and a Diameter: of 60.0 cm, the XAL Vela Evo 600 Light stands out with its innovative features. The latest generation of this luminaire series offers variations ranging from ceiling-mounted and suspended versions to wall-mounted luminaires. Its enhanced efficiency, reaching up to 143 lm/W, and reduced installation depth make it a top choice for modern spaces. The luminaire’s LED light sources, positioned at the fixture’s edge, combined with the light-guiding prism (LGP) and high-efficiency reflector, ensure uniform illumination. The slimmed-down profile and reduced installation time further enhance its appeal.

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